Thursday, September 08, 2005


Bush as the Great Chelmsman

Google says I have the copyright on this phrase. This is a story of one of Chelm's presidential candidates: "Once," began the first, "I was walking down the main road on Shabbat [the Sabbath, when observant Jews are not to deal with money]. I looked down and there I saw a silver coin. 'What can I do,' I asked myself. 'I can't pick it up and I can't stand on it all day, but if I move I will forget the exact position.' So I decided to place my shoe on it. This way, when I return after Shabbat I will be able to take it." "How brilliant," they murmured. "And did you find it?" asked Yankel the locksmith, who was very poor since no one had locks in Chelm. "No," replied the first candidate, "By the time I came back I couldn't find my shoe either. But it's OK. Next time I will leave my coat on top of it. This way I will surely find it." Guess what the silver coin is in this particular telling of the parable.
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