Sunday, September 04, 2005


Chaos is the plan, Iran edition

Meanwhile, as Bushco is ensuring that Louisiana will be unable to process petroleum, its agents in Iran are blowing up oil wells: Saboteurs using three home-made bombs halted crude transfers from five onshore wells in Iran's restive southwestern province of Khuzestan, the student news agency ISNA reported Saturday. "The evidence indicates that the incidents on Thursday were sabotage," a security official from the provincial governor-general's office, Gholamreza Shariati, was quoted as saying. After undergoing two days of repair, the pipelines were reported to be back in service, ISNA said....Khuzestan is the centre of Iran's oil production, but has also been the scene of recent ethnic troubles that authorities have blamed on Arab separatists, US-based Iranian exile groups and loyalists of deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. In April, a forged official letter saying Tehran wanted to change the province's ethnic makeup sparked several days of rioting between the local Arab population and security forces in Ahvaz.
it was pretty awesome.
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