Wednesday, September 28, 2005


David Dreier: The New Tom DeLay

That's what they're telling us. By the way: In honor of his accession to DeLay's Whipping Post job, Raw Story has reprinted their September 20, 2004 outing of Dreier as a self-hating gay man who routinely votes in finest Roy Cohn fashion. And after you're finished looking at that, here's the Hustler piece that Larry Flynt promised, as referenced in the Raw Story article. Enjoy!

This shark has already been chopped to pieces and eaten, leaving shreds of guts and a faint pink tinge in the water.

Which one is next?
By the way, you missed the best part pf the Flynt article, which needs to be highlighted:

...Dreier’s roommate and constant companion is none other than Brad W. Smith, his appropriately entitled chief of staff.

Smith must be worth his weight in gold, as Dreier is paying his major domo the highest salary he legally can: $156,600 a year. That’s just $400 less than White House heavyweights Karl Rove and Andy Card.

Gay GOP hypocrite is a non-story.

Paying your squeeze from the public till should be a big story.
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