Friday, September 09, 2005


FEMA Aid Was "Poised Around the City" on August 29

The Associated Press reported on Monday, August 29, at 7:49 p.m. Eastern time:

Baby formula from the Agriculture Department, communications equipment and medical teams from the Defense Department and generators, water and ice from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are among the assistance ready for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. As the Category 4 the storm surged ashore just east of New Orleans on Monday, FEMA had medical teams, rescue squads and groups prepared to supply food and water poised in a semicircle around the city, said agency Director Michael Brown.
So if the emergency supplies were staged outside New Orleans, why did was it still not delivered to the Superdome three days later? Note that communications equipment and generators were among the items mentioned in the August 29 article. More than one week later, they still have not been delivered. Where are they? Maybe they were diverted to the parishes covered by George W. Bush's declaration of emergency, since the parishes closest to the Gulf weren't mentioned in it.
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