Thursday, September 29, 2005


Help the FBI Fight Pornography

A suggestion from Robyn Su Miller:

Since the Army threw up its hands after a feeble investigation on the US soldiers' exchange of dead Iraqi pics for online porn access, I thought the FBI might do a better job... and that they'd be grateful for a serious case for their new porn unit to work on. The more the merrier, if others want to encourage them to investigate! Here is the contact info for the FBI.
Robyn's tip to them was as follows:
My information is fact is currently in the's about the US soldiers in Iraq trading pictures of Iraqi dead in exchange for free access to an online porn site. However, since the Army has failed in its feeble attempt to identify the soldiers involved, claiming that it was a "challenge" to find anything "reasonably identifiable" although the soldiers faces are clearly visible in their photos, I thought the FBI would be better suited to follow up on this investigation. I thought it would make a stunning first victory for the FBI's new porn unit. The only leads I have are a couple of mainstream websites, but I am sure the FBI can access the offending porn site and track down the malcreants involved. Army ends probe on porn site photos of Iraq corpses US soldiers allegedly trading pictures of dead Iraqis & Afghanis for porn I agree with the website author, who says:
"I can't say for 100% that these photos really are our service members...But everything about this story rings true ... This Web site, real or fake, is going to be another public relations disaster for the US, and a bonanza recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. Our government needs to tell us, fast, whether this is for real or not, and what they plan on doing about it."
Someone needs to fully investigate this, and since the DOD has thrown up its hands in despair I hope that the FBI is better equipped to finish the job. Thank you for your attention to this.

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