Monday, September 19, 2005


Historical Perspective

History News Network reprints an article from 2002. What Are the Top 10 Achievements of the Federal Government Since World War II

In the year 2000, a thousand historians and political scientists were asked to judge the top achievements of the federal government. Nearly half agreed to participate. Below is their top 10 list, as prepared by the Brookings Institution, which sponsored the survey: 1. Rebuild Europe After World War II 2. Expand the Right to Vote 3. Promote Equal Access to Public Accommodations 4. Reduce Disease 5. Reduce Workplace Discrimination 6. Ensure Safe Food and Drinking Water 7. Strengthen the Nation's Highway System 8. Increase Older Americans' Access to Health Care 9. Reduce the Federal Budget Deficit 10. Promote Financial Security in Retirement
I leave it for the reader to decide which of these achievements the Bush regime has been working hardest to demolish.
Admit it: They haven't let Perle bomb France yet.
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