Thursday, September 08, 2005


Howard Dean Speaks listen. Even Ken Mehlman couldn't counter Dean's fieryness. All Mehlman could muster was a stupid sentence that included the New Fetish Word, as ordained by Uncle Karl: "bureaucracy".

That is such a lame response from Mehlman. You'd think he'd at least have attacked Dr. Dean for playing the race card, or playing politics -- or reminded us of Dean's previous "divisive" remarks on race. Either Mehlman's been dope-slapped so hard by reality that he's incapable of invective, or the snooze media's so disgusted by the results of Republican values that they deliberately chose an ineffectual quote to "counter" Dean's rhetoric.
President Bush appointed an incompetent horse lawyer to head FEMA, and as a result we have a catastrophe bigger than 9/11. Does he really expect us to trust his judgment when he nominates two Supreme Court justices?
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