Sunday, September 04, 2005


In The Midst Of War, Corruption And Destruction...

...I'd like to take some time out for what may seem a frivolous post. I'd like to recommend the fine Minnesota-made products of Battle Lake Outdoors. These folk make backpacks and other products whose materials, from fabric to zippers, are made in the USA, and they're very affordable. My spouse has the Maplewood day pack and the Monarch wallet-type case, and uses both every day. Check 'em out -- and no, they have no idea I'm doing this for them. I just think it'd be good to support an outfit that isn't corporate and keeps all its jobs in America.

What have you got against war, corruption, and destruction? Must be some kinda libera...

Hey, nice briefcase! And the price looks like it's lower than the same thing at Office Max.
But does the care-instruction tag include an apology for "our president" being an idiot?
The neat thing about Battle Lake is that since they're a small operation, they don't have CEOs at the top demanding huge amounts of "compensation". This means that, while everyone at BL gets a living wage, they can still make quality products that will cost you as much, or even less than, the Chinese-made stuff at Office Max and elsewhere.

Their first-responder gear looks pretty nifty. I'm going to write to them to see if they'd be interested in donating a few of them to the NO relief efforts.
The first-responder bag looks pretty nifty to me and I've been meaning to get one.

I would enjoy seeing more made-in-the-USA quality-stuff links. Right now all that readily comes to my mind is Martin-Logan... (music in background.)

Is there some website, besides maybe BuyBlue that lists these kinds of things?
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