Wednesday, September 14, 2005


It Isn't Paranoia If They Really Are Out to Get Us

Daily Kos quotes the Orange County Register:

In the past few days, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has ordered searchers not to break into homes. They are supposed to look in through a window and knock on the door. If no one cries out for help, they are supposed to move on. If they see a body, they are supposed to log the address and move on. ... Fell broke the rules and ordered his men to bash open the door, launching a series of events that would save a man's life and revitalize California Task Force 5 from Orange County. ...16 days after Hurricane Katrina smacked this aging community in the face, an unconscious and emaciated man identified as Edgar Hollingsworth, 74, was rescued. The man is expected to survive. ... Earlier, they had been frustrated when FEMA delayed their deployment for four days, housing them in the Hyatt Regency in Dallas. They were frustrated further when they were given the FEMA order that they weren't allowed to force their way into houses to search them.
Every decision FEMA has made, every order it has given, has had the result of avoiding opportunities to to save lives. Didn't it occur to whoever gave the order that there might be somebody in the house too weak to cry out? Or trapped in a part of the house too far from the rescuers to be heard? It's like they want the "rescuers" to go through the motions to look like they're trying to save lives, but they really don't want people brought out alive. It's sickening. It's scary. I used to think that such speculation was paranoia. That was before December 12, 2000.
Until recently, they were smashing down all locked doors. Then the wealthy who had fled demanded that it be stopped, because of course then there was no protection against looting.

Of course, by the time this all happened, there was almost no one left in New Orleans. But property takes precedence.
If they don't break down doors to enter homes, then how are they going to confiscate all the guns?
"But property takes precedence."

And that's where FEMA was entirely in the wrong. Letting people die so rich people don't have to replace their property is evil.
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