Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It's Looking All Too Familiar

First FEMA delays, indeed prevents, delivering aid to New Orleans until after thousands of people die for lack of rescue from the floodwaters, medicine, and drinkable water. Now they're transporting the evacuees to distant destinations without telling them where they're going, in fact taking pains to prevent the evacuees from finding out their destination. This is different from ethnic cleansing exactly how? At least they're not using cattle cars to transport the people. Yet.

Good point. A perfect outcome for Republicans would be a rebuilt, all white, well protected, New Orleans with servants bussed in from a shanty town farther out on the flood planes.

They'd use trains if they haven't been so busy destroying the railroads.
Ah. Everyone begins to catch on.

The moment that one asks oneself about intention, "Why did they turn back the Red Cross?" "Why did they turn back water?" "Why did they turn back the USS Bataan?" one has to consider the possibility that this was genocide.

It's an awful thought and at this point, we don't know whether it is so or not. But the moment one entertains the possibility that this was intentional, this is where the logical trail leads.

MEC, as a poster at Kos said, they're not using cattle cars because they've already ruined the railways.
A Katrina timeline:

Hey, always remember, we can depend on the Heimatsicherheitpolitzei! (And isn't what Bush and the Neocons telling the black residents of the Gulf Coast suspiciously along the lines of "Get off your lazy black asses! Arbeit macht man frei!")
One should add that this is not ethnic cleansing per se, unless Democrats are an ethnic group. Jefferson Parish was as white at Orleans Parish was black.

But of course the dead and the permanently displaced are overwhelmingly African American.
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