Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It's Okay If You're A Republican

Number, oh, about 1 million or so in a series. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist sold shares in his family's hospital corporation just before price fell on a disappointing earnings report.

Frist held an undisclosed amount of stock in Hospital Corporation of America, based in Nashville, Tenn., the nation's largest for-profit hospital chain. On June 13, he instructed the trustee managing the assets to sell his HCA shares and those of his wife and children, said Amy Call, a spokeswoman for Frist. Frist's shares were sold by July 1 and those of his wife and children by July 8, Call said. The trustee decided when to sell the shares, and the Tennessee Republican had no control over the exact time they were sold, she said. HCA shares peaked at midyear, climbing to $58.22 a share on June 22. After slipping slightly for two weeks, the price fell to $49.90 on July 13 after the company announced its quarterly earnings would not meet analysts' expectations. On Tuesday, the shares closed at $48.76. ... To keep the trust blind, Frist was not allowed to know how much HCA stock he owned, Call said, but he was allowed to ask for all of it to be sold. ... "To avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest Senator Frist went beyond what ethics requires and sold the stock," Call said. Asked why he had never done so before, she said, "I don't know that he's been worried about it in the past."
Somebody remind me, why was it that Martha Stewart got sentenced to prison? And which party did she donate money to?
(right-wing dork)

But...but HITLERY made money from cattle futures!!! $200 haircut!!! Squwaaaakkkk!!!

(/right-wing dork)
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