Saturday, September 10, 2005


Judicial coups are only acceptable when right-wingers do them

The hypocrisy of the right knows no bounds. As we all know, William Jefferson Clinton was impeached over what even quite a few Republican Senators concluded were charges that were simply not "high crimes and misdemeanors." Democrats, of course, viewed this as a judicial coup, in which William Rehnquist, David Sentelle, and of course Judge Starr were the primary conspirators. What happens if Nicaraguans use the courts to rein in the power of their president? US warns Nicaraguans against coup Enrique Bolanos won a landslide election victory in 2001 Nicaragua faces isolation if opposition forces depose President Enrique Bolanos, a top US diplomat has warned. The assistant secretary of state for the Americas accused some elements of "behaving very, very irresponsibly". Roger Noriega's warning comes amid a mounting crisis, which has seen Mr Bolanos locked in a struggle with his opponents in congress and the courts. Sandinistas and members of Mr Bolanos Liberal Party are trying to strip the president of his powers. Now the Beeb let slip a very important fact, but if you blinked, it went by. It's not just the left. It's members of his own party. And why? Well, the Beeb coughs out one last bit of truth before expiring: He [assistant Secy of State Roger Noriega] also condemned an attempt by congress to remove the president's immunity from prosecution to face charges over alleged misuse of electoral funds. There's clearly more to this story than Bushco or the Beeb is letting on. Since Roger Noriega was directly involved in sending guns and heavy weapons to thugs and murderers in Haiti to oust a legally elected president, one's instincts are to side with Bolano's opponents. But we're not likely to hear the truth from the obviously-intimidated Beeb, which barely makes even a gesture to cover the other side of the story.
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