Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Kelo v. New London...

In its ruling on Kelo v. New London (Susette Kelo, et al. v. City of New London, et al.), the Supreme Court held that established that a local government could legally confiscate property for a private development project.

The court found that if an economic project creates new jobs, increases tax and other city revenues, and revitalizes a depressed (even if not blighted) urban area, it qualifies as a public use. The court also found that government delegation of eminent domain power to a private entity was also constitutional as long as the private entity served as the legally authorized agent of the government.
Think about the condition New Orleans is in right now. It's definitely a "depressed" (even blighted) area, in need of jobs and tax revenues. Bush has been trying to take control away from the city and state governments. If he succeeds, he becomes the "local government". Does anybody think it's beyond the realm of possibility that he'd condemn the entire city and then parcel it out to his cronies for "development"? I sound like a tinfoil-hat conspiracy nut, you say? Think of the Texas Rangers, and how they got a new ballpark.
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