Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Keynesian Economics In Plain English

James Kroger at TaxWisdom.org explains it in terms even a right-wing moron can understand (though only if he or she is honest enough to acknowledge the key points that Kroger makes; but then, they wouldn't be right-wingers, would they?)

Pheonix Woman. The address you posted on Eschaton today is the Delta Chi Fraternity house for the University of Southern Maine at Gorham. The URL was used with more than one name and so may have been used by more than one person.

I do not know but suspect that other people on that campus may be active trolls on leftist blogs.

I suspect a connection with another well known troll who posts from a different location and am following up on it. I am also looking into possible party affiliation of the troll in question.
You're ever the optimist, PW. It doesn't take plain English to get 'wingers to understand. They hear *nothing* unless Rush or Slanthead or or Dr. Dobson or Our Dear Leader says it.

I answered Kroeger's post

Short version: (a) It matters what you spend money on, because some things are better investments than others, (b) deficits cost the poor and middle class (and rich) through interest rates, and these costs need to be factored in, (c) the fundamental problems of America are caused by residential patterns.
Thanks, EPT and Charles (for different reasons).

EPT: I've taken to using the Roach Motel technique to deal with trolls. Simply put, the idea is to trap a troll in a dead/dying thread while the action goes elsewhere. It just requires one to feed the troll bait every ten minutes or so, so it thinks that the thread is still live.

Charles: A-yep. And they'd stop listening to Rush, etc., if Rush were to start sincerely advocating things like civil rights or equal employment opportunities.
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