Saturday, September 03, 2005


Laissez les Bonnes Têtes Rouler

Dubya's callousness, FEMA's incompetence, and the usual corruption and cronyism are beyond anything we've seen in this country. Forget impeachment. It's time for pitchforks and torches. George W. Antoinette

Make mine German double chocolate.

The one relief is that Laura is clearly not in charge of the president's wardrobe.

I mean, say what you will about his arrogance, blind stupidity, and irresponsibility, *that's* a classy dress.
One of the NPR reporters had a great comment. He said, "Here are all these people forced [ed: literally, at gunpoint, by troops] to live like animals. And yet they chose to treat one another with dignity, to share small kindnesses."
And yet another one for the Marie Antoinette files. The president DID respond quickly to the hurricane
The hits just keep on coming in for the Marie file:

British families trapped in New Orleans last night claimed that US authorities had refused to evacuate them as Hurricane Katrina approached the city.
Although assistance was offered to US residents, British nationals were told they would have to fend for themselves.

Good enough to die for us in Iraq, not good enough to be treated the same of us in disaster
1) Just read Grover Norquist quote about the Democratic Party leadership (Governor, New Orleans' mayor) being responsible. Then I remembered the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on bridges to nowhere in Republican districts. You do see it, don't you? The neo-con conservatives reward those who toe their ideological line...while punishing those who don't. Louisiana Democrats didn't, so their funding requests were denied or "watered down," thus endangering both Democrats AND Republicans in Louisiana in case of a major hurricane hitting. But what do rigid, right-wing ideologists like Norquist care about even Republicans in high-risk potential disaster zones...unless they are major campaign contributors?

Note: Under the honorable Bill Clinton's administration, both Democrats and Republicans prospered. The obvious goal of the neo-con led Republicans under George W. "Head up his Butt" Bush, Dick "Mad Dog" Cheney, etc. is for only wealthy Republican benefactors to prosper at the expense of everyone else below, both Democrats and less well off Republicans alike.

2) I would be intrigued to see a comparison done between Bush's FEMA response to the four hurricanes that struck Florida last year (during a presidential election year) and the Bush FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina this year. Ooops, I think I gave it away, my own supposition. This year is not a presidential election year. It is an off-year. And apparently that is what the Republican leadership in the White House is doing, taking the year off. Especially Bush with so many vacation days. Next year, though, just like last year, they will be busy, busy, busy, campaigning. However, there is another point I'd like to stress. Florida has a Republican as governor, Jeb Bush, who is the president's younger brother, who also appears to have presidential aspirations. Louisiana, however, has a Democratic governor, who's unrelated to Bush.

Therefore, while some people talk about the really slow response by the neo-cons as being racist, I'd also suggest that it has something to do with their blatantly partisan position to not help any Democrats, especially if it might help any Democrats get elected or reelected. Thus, their neo-con ideological bias is like partisanship on steroids...which, for some strange reason, reminds me of the Nazis, the Maoists, the Stalinists, etc etc.

The result: Tragedy for both Democrats and Republicans caught in Hurricane Katrina's destructive path.

WAS IT LINCOLN WHO SAID, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Are we getting there?
Keep reading, LP.

We deal with all these issues.

Edith, it was Lincoln who said that you couldn't fool all the people all of the time.

He was also the last Republican who believed it.
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