Friday, September 16, 2005


More on Able Dimwits... er, Danger

Weird and weirder. Curt "Moonie" Weldon is the only Congressman who has been willing to touch the "Able Danger" claims that a secret unit in the Pentagon identified Mohammed Atta and a number of hijackers two years before 9/11 using so-called data mining methods, and were prevented from alerting the nation. Two military guys, Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and Navy Capt. Scott Phillpott, have substantiated the story. The Pentagon has denied it. The 9/11 Commission says it's hooey. Now Weldon claims that "Able Danger" was ordered to destroy 2.4 terabytes of information and that an employee will testify to this to the Senate Judiciary Committee. 2.4 terabytes is one-quarter of what is in the Library of Congress. Is there anyone who reads that much? Weldon says that an AD employee is testifying to the Judiciary Committee next Wednesday. Judiciary says it has no idea who will be testifying next Wednesday. If I were really paranoid, I'd say that this could be evidence that the neo-cons planned 911, were found out, and suppressed the brave men of Able Danger. Since I am only paranoid in a minor and healthy way, I'll say that it sounds to me like Able Danger was possibly involved in serious violations of law... yet apparently could have been accomplished by legal means. My main question: if data mining is so great, why do I get mail from both political parties, from Sojourners and from Hillsdale College, not to mention advertisements for feminine products that I am highly unlikely to use? I mean, if they were bundled with offers for sex change operations, I suppose I could see the point, but they aren't. Isn't capitalism supposed to be efficient-- much more efficient than socialistic enterprises like the Pentagon? If Able Danger was doing what it was doing, I want to know. D--nit, the poor American citizen has retail corporations, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, local police departments, insurance companies, political pollsters, nosy neighbors, and even the National Guard spying on him/her. Can't the Pentagon please kindly stick to blowing things up and killing people? And if they did identify the hijackers and were prevented from talking about it... well, I would expect Curt Weldon to sprout wings first, but I'd surely want to know.
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