Monday, September 05, 2005


Not a Good Sign

Dubya's doing another photo op in the hurricane zone. Remember what happens when Dubya shows his support for a worthy cause by doing a photo op there. Gulf Coast, you can forget about federal funding to help with recovery.

Molly Ivins riffs on that occasionally. It indeed seems that whenever Bush says he's going to address an issue it reliably turns out to be a kiss of death.

Except for upper-class tax relief, of course.

Hall of Fame of Issues That Have Gotten the Bush Kiss of Death:

The economy.
The hunt for Bin Laden.
African AIDS financial help.
No Child Left Behind.
The English language.
Military Armor.
Enviromental protections.
The reputation of the United States in the family of nations.
Access to government information.
Etc., etc.

But wait, there's more! and if you order now you will receive the ginsu knives.
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