Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Operation Cover Bush's Butt Is In Full Swing

Just found out that the (Republican-controlled) House has canceled hearings on the response to Katrina. This comes bare hours after the damning Brown Memo -- which showed that Brown waited until a day AFTER Katrina passed to get his ass in gear -- was released. How convenient.

Also: Here's georgia10's diary, explaining how FEMA -- and Bush -- are the ones responsible for the disaster in NO:

The Gist:

* There exists a National Response Plan that all governmental bodies, from local to Federal, are supposed to follow.

* The plan specificially states that once the situation is dire enough (such as when the President declares a State of Emergency), FEMA is allowed -- actually, EXPECTED -- to be proactive and to jump into the situation without waiting to be invited in by the local authorities.

* The plan also states that FEMA is expected to work with anyone -- government or non-government -- that offers to help out. (In other words, no turning back the Red Cross trucks!)

So whenever you hear Bush or his surrogates say that "bureaucracy" or the locals are to blame, know that they are LYING. If Mike Brown or George W. Bush cared about knowing how to do their jobs, they would have been proactive in their handling of Katrina -- meaning that C-130s and Army trucks loaded with sandbags would have been sent to the areas in Katrina's path the second Bush declared a State of Emergency for those areas.

And of course, never forget that the levees in New Orleans wouldn't have failed if Bush and his Republican-controlled Congress hadn't cut funding to fix them. And that Katrina wouldn't have been as strong a hurricane if she'd had to slog through the miles of barrier islands and wetlands that used to surround New Orleans -- and which were being protected under Bill Clinton, only to fall victim to Bush's pro-development frenzy. Cut and save this and send to every reporter you see discussing this. Look up and write down their e-mails, or even call them up. Don't let Bush and his people get away with the blame game.

I think a better target audience might be Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

The press is totally in the tank (minus those reporters who actually witnessed the horror). Did you hear Charlie Rose?

These people sounded-- I'm not exaggerating-- like Germans discussing Kristallnacht.
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