Thursday, September 15, 2005


Possible Proof That There Is A God?

Or just an explanation as to why Bush's FEMA seemed eager to help out a longtime political ally with his cash flow? Anyway, the CCers -- or at least one of them -- have got wind of the story and have apparently struck back. But the very next day, this little ditty hit the internet. Heheheheheh. This will be interesting to watch. UPDATE: Wow -- BOTH stories have now been yanked from the site. Though you can still see the URLs over at Google News if you act fast enough. Just type in "Christian Coalition" and you'll see the following as story summaries #2 and #3:

Christian Coalition Lawyers Resign For Lack Of Payment Men's News Daily, CA - Sep 14, 2005 In two different, but related legal cases, the Christian Coalition's attorneys moved to WITHDRAW on the same day as the attorneys representing the Christian ... Christian Coalition Creditors May Force Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Men's News Daily, CA - Sep 13, 2005 FEDERAL EXPRESS has sued the CHRISTIAN COALITION in Charleston, South Carolina for unpaid postage for the Christian Coalition's office, on the heels of news ...
So either the CC really is going down at the hands of its own ex-legal team, or a nasty little right-wing website (MND, as you can judge from the links, isn't exactly The Nation) will be in one hell of a lot of trouble. Kind of a win-win in my view.

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