Sunday, September 11, 2005


"Tal Afar Stormed. Threat of Ethnic Cleansing Grows in Iraq"

Headline and analysis courtesy of Juan Cole He links to Nameer Nouradeen, in Reuters There is no way that Tal Afar is "strategic." I can't remember whether the adjective Cole used in a previous piece was "flyblown" or "godforsaken" or some other indicator of the absolute irrelevance of Tal Afar to controlling Iraq. The only point of this operation seems to be to rattle Syria. Here is a picture of Fort Tal Afar, courtesy of Grandpa Po's Nutra Nuts:
Bush couldn't be doing a better job for Osama than if bin Laden had taken over his brain.

It was grimly amusing to watch the network news talking about the alleged reaction by al-Zarqawi, which was posted on an Islamic website. Short version: He was pissed off, so that means we were right to go after Ta Afar.
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