Thursday, September 08, 2005


The Terrorists are Who?

You heard it here first. The minute John Negroponte's name was mentioned, death and destruction was sure to follow: The United Nations raised the alarm on Thursday about mounting violence in Iraq blamed on pro-government militias and urged the authorities to look into reports of systematic torture in police stations....the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq also said "mass arrests" by U.S. and Iraqi forces, and long detentions without charge, could damage support for the new political system. Naturally, the other side(s)-- the Sunni nationalists, the Turkomen separatists, the Al Qaida fighters, the Mahdi Army-- they aren't sweetness and light, either. The US has a misguided theory that if you just respond to violence with more extreme violence, you can crush insurgency. It's never worked. It's not working in Iraq. And the next place the violence will go is into our communities, carried in the minds and spirits of good men.
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