Saturday, September 10, 2005


Watchdogs Or Lapdogs?

Yesterday, Charles posted an item that blows several huge holes in several big lies about what happened in New Orleans, pre- and post-Katrina. As he wonders, I wonder, too: Where is the US media on this story? As Atrios says this morning over at Eschaton, they are (well, aside from bloggers like him) the only watchdogs on this. Yet, their moment of rebellion having happened (a moment led by those reporters who were actually on the scene, watching people die and being eaten by rats), the press is likely to slip back into Protect Bush Mode unless they're given strong reasons not to do so. After all, Bush and the Republicans have given the corporations that own our media several choice perks: Freedom from FCC anti-trust regulations, in addition to huge tax breaks. And while the reporters may have seen the dead and dying with their own eyes, their bosses reside in nice, cushy places far, far away from the reek of dead bodies. (Besides, most of the dead people were poor and black, so that's yet another reason for them not to care.) It's going to be our job to keep chipping away at the crack that New Orleans has placed in the callously pro-corporate armor of the US media. And one way to do it is to support those outlets that are willing to tell the truth. (See sidebar.)

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