Tuesday, September 06, 2005


We Need New Orleans

"Well, duh," I can hear you say. "Of course we need to rebuild New Orleans." Unfortunately, some of the people who don't see the obvious have more power than is good for us. The Speaker of the House, for example. George Friedman spells out exactly why rebuilding isn't just a sentimental dream: "New Orleans is not optional for the United States' commercial infrastructure." We need the port, and that means we need the city. We need the city because the port needs workers, and the workers need homes and hospitals and schools for their children and entertainment venues and churches and shops and services and a lot more. The only sensible arrangement for providing all these things so we can have a port exactly where we need it is to build a city. Even people to whom "cultural heritage" means nothing must see the financial necessity to keep the port alive.

The thing is that we must never confuse Dennis Hastert with someone who is actually in a position of power. He has the title of Speaker, but other, smarter people pull his strings.
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