Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Anti-Clintonite runs high profile Parade magazine column

Oh, the ironies. From FAIR: "Walter Scott" is the pseudonym of Edward Klein, the author of the "The Truth About Hillary," a biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton that is riddled with errors (Media Matters, 6/23/05). Klein's book relies overwhelmingly on anonymous sources to make a series of lurid claims and innuendos, asking peculiar questions like, "Were there any telltale signs on the presidential sheets that [Hillary and Bill Clinton] ever had sex with each other?" Klein's book also floats the suggestion that that Chelsea Clinton was conceived as a result of Bill Clinton raping Hillary while on vacation in Bermuda. Perhaps Parade should consider whether "Scott"'s journalism deserves closer scrutiny. A known liar gets the deed one of the most coveted pieces of journalistic real estate in America and even gets a pseudonym to hide behind. Oh, yeah. Parade also let him get away with claiming that Hugo Chavez is a Marxist who funds terrorism. But that's an officially-approved lie. I don't know why FAIR is in such a snit about it.
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