Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Are Conservatives Being Punished?

Not at all, says the Strib.

Sure they're being punished.

Because they do wrong, they are punished with guilt and fear of retribution.

Because they refuse to hear the legitimate criticisms of their actions, they are punished with blindness and hubris.

Because they are heartless, they feel hated.

Because they destroy the world, they hate life and long for the world's destruction.

Why can't they stop punishing themselves?
I don't understand this "criminalization of politics" meme that the conservatives want to float around. I mean, people already associate politicians with criminals - doesn't this make it worse?

I can already see the ads coming from the Dems in 2006 - "Stop the criminalization of politics - get the criminals out of Congress." I mean, geez, you don't have to throw the ball right over the plate to the other team. Its awful nice of you to do it, but really...
Charles: Indeedy!

NonyNony: Yeah, you can tell the Republicans and their media allies aren't exactly playing their "A" game right now. A year ago, they would have come up with something a lot better for camouflaging what is essentially their wailing like the little spoiled brats that they are. "WAAAAH! We actually have to face the consequences of our actions! WAAAAH!"
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