Sunday, October 09, 2005



We all have our own sets of ideological blinders. This is why putting one's trust in a single source of information is dangerous: Better to examine different sources to get a feel for what's going on. Which leads me to talk about David Corn. Atrios today links to Corn's recent Huffington Post posting on Judith Miller and the NYT. The really sad thing about David Corn's piece is that his own blinders cause him to ignore the concerted attacks on All Things Clinton (and, to an extent, All Things Democrat) that the NYT and WP led in the 1990s and still lead today. This is why Corn could imply, astonishingly enough, that the NYT was doing a bang-up job except for Judy Miller. Note that the names of Jeff Gerth and Stephen Labaton never once appear in Corn's piece -- even though Gerth is not only a longtime friend of arch-Clinton for Sheffield Nelson (one of the guys who started the Arkansas Project), but his anti-Clinton mania led him to do not just one bogus witchhunt, but two: Whitewater AND Wen Ho Lee. The thing is, Corn, as a lefty writer for The Nation, has never felt the need to defend Bill Clinton overmuch against what I call CoupGate (meaning the efforts of the GOP/Media Axis to take down Clinton), even though the attacks on Clinton hurt all of us, left, right, and center. Corn has even made his own deceptively nasty digs at Clinton and Gore, digs that have been debunked (for example: He accused Clinton and Gore of wanting to kill South Africans with AIDS, but neglected to mention that Rodney Frelinghuysen was going to kill all aid to South Africa unless they eliminated the AIDS-drug provision from an aid bill to SA), thus joining in on the right wing's Clinton-bashing fun.

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