Sunday, October 09, 2005


CIA to get color?

The basic problem of American intelligence is that right-wing, white men are vastly overrepresented in its ranks. Everyone knows this and no one will talk about it. Rep. Jane Harman, who knows the details better than I, is quoted as saying essentially the same thing in Sen. Bob Graham's Intelligence Matters. How can people who understand nothing about being desperately poor, dominated by tyrants, manipulated by outside powers, and under constant genocidally-acculturative pressure hope to penetrate non-Western societies? From the CIA's standpoint, of course, if they bring in people who do understand such issues, they might not approve of the CIA's methods of destroying democracies and assassinating opponents. So, it was of interest to read that Porter Goss is hinting about bringing in some diversity. Other people are saying that he's only building on what started in 1997 and goodness only knows when the glacier will finally, visibly move. Here's the nutgraf: At the staff meeting, Goss said the CIA will bring in recruits who have traveled abroad and "more recent arrivals to the United States." I'm sure that plenty of reliable colored people be found, Mr., Goss. Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice have demonstrated that melanin does not immunize people against heartlessness and dishonesty.
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