Saturday, October 08, 2005


A Clue That Howard Dean Is Doing a Good Job

The Good Doctor must be doing a good enough job of making the DNC an effective organization to worry the Usual Suspects. The AP is trying to undermine him by (a) reminding us of "the Scream"; (b) emphasizing that Dean was a "failed" candidate; (c) accusing Dean of having to steal ideas from the Republican Party; (d) insinuating that Dean caused the Democrats to be "behind" the GOP in messaging and organizing (when in fact he inherite the problem); and (e) alleging that unnamed [of course, unnamed] Democrats lack confidence in him. Ron Fournier earned his turkee this week. It's gotta be hard work fitting that many smear-by-sneers into one "news" report.

From what I've been hearing and reading, Dean is out to rebuild the party from the ground up.

When we have a bevy of progressive democrat town supervisors, school board members, mayors, city councilpersons, state reps and senators in place, it will be a lot easier to fill Congress with the like.

Patience is a virtue as rewarding as a new love in Spring. And Dean knows how to do this.

The rightards gained power slowly, one radio-station at a time. We can fight back this way, too.

Go Howard.
That's exactly what Dean's doing. He's making sure that every state's Democratic Party has support from the DNC and that as many races as possible at all levels have Democratic candidates. We're seeing the results already. Lots of progressives running for local offices, lots of progressive challengers in the primaries.

Especially after Katrina showed us what the "You're On Your Own-ership Society" is doing to the country, Dean's message that we're all in this together is going to win a lot of people over.
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