Saturday, October 08, 2005


The face of terror in Haiti

Journalist Kevin Pina is one of a tiny handful of journalists brave enough to report on Haiti. They, some brave missionaries and aid workers are about all that stand between the brutal authoritarian government of today from turning into a holocaust tomorrow. A sample of Pina's writing: Now you've got to understand that the Haitian judiciary and their lackeys in the police like to work in secret and don't really appreciate the concept of a free and independent press. All you have to do is ask the family of Abdias Jean, a Miami radio journalist summarily executed by the Haitian police on Jan. 14, 2005 in the neighborhood of Cite de Dieu. Jean made the fatal error of stumbling upon and witnessing the murder of three young boys the police were questioning concerning the whereabouts of vagabonds and Lavalas bandits. The police then chased Jean down, beat him to a pulp and ended his journalistic career with a single shot to the head. On September 9th, Pina was arrested. On September 12th, he was released after interrogation. Read about it This is a picture of him standing down the death squads, taken by the Haiti Information Project You can download a trailer from his upcoming film Haiti, the Untold Story Another hero is Brian Concannon, Jr., speaking here to Congressional Black Caucus on Haiti's new "separate but equal" election system: Presidential candidates were equally required to register in person by last Thursday's deadline, but only Lavalas candidates could not meet this requirement because they were in jail.

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