Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Fitzgerald May Have The (Unredacted) Italian Niger Forgery Report

Why is this such a big deal? Because the report names certain names that BushCo would rather not be made public. Names like Michael Ledeen, the late Alan Wolf, Duane Clarridge, and Ahmad Chalabi -- and how they were all connected in the Niger forgeries. It would also go a long way towards explaining why Fitz's grand jury is taking its time -- they're digging, and digging deeply, and they're not stopping until they hit the center of the earth -- or of BushCo.


I remembered today that the "Memogate" story on 60 Minutes was a substitution for a report on the "forged documents purporting to show Iraqi efforts to purchase uranium from Niger". If I recall correctly, CBS has admitted it decided not to air the forged-documents story because it would have been improper to report something that could have influenced the election. Hmmmmmm.
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