Friday, October 14, 2005


Friday Cat Blogging

From seven year ago, the day I let Alexander out of the "nursery" and Lightfoot got her first good look at him. The body language says it all. Lightfoot, standing on the kitchen counter, cranes her head over the side to stare incredulously at the tiny kitten that dared to invade her world.

My caption:

"Who," asked the caterpillar, "are you?"
Alex was just a little Holstein-cow-patterned fuzzy bunny of a kitten!
I named him Alexander The Great Conqueror of the Known World for a reason: The "known world" is my house including the senior cat. (And me, of course.)

In that photo, Lightfoot is thinking, "What in the-- where did that come from?" Alex is thinking (to use the term loosely), "Ooh, black floppy thing behind me! Must chase!"
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