Thursday, October 20, 2005


Friday Eve Cat Blogging

I'm doing my Friday Cat Blogging early this week, since I'll be away from the computer over the weekend and I don't want to deprive Phoenix Woman of her cat fix.

A fuzzy gray kitten and a tiger cat catloafing together in a bathroom sink

Good grief!

In Louisiana, hurricanes.

In Massachusetts, floods.

In MEC's hous, cats coming up through the drains!
The big one looks pissed off, and I can't say I would offer blame.
They're part of the Cat Insurgency.
They're ca'taways.
These catzen aren't in my house, they're in my sister's house. She's recently rescued from from danger and privation (i.e. from hanging around her back yard hoping for a handout). The little one is a love sponge, the larger one only recently stopped hiding under the cabinet below the sink whenever The Evil Cat-Eating Monster came into the room.

Are these the Catzenjammer Kits?

Am I so old that I'm the only one who gets that joke?
I got the "Catzenjammer Kits" joke.

In retalia-- er, reply, I'll mention that the Cats in Sink photo inspired the suggestion that the cats be named Heiss and Kalt (German for "hot" and "cold").
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