Monday, October 03, 2005


Harriet Miers Is The Best Possible Choice. Yes, Really.

I've been thinking about the <ahem> "judicious" response of the Democrats to Harriet Miers' nomination. I'm thinking (hoping) it's not spinelessness. I'm thinking somebody reminded them that when your enemy is busy destroying himself, you shouldn't interfere. Kos is thinking the same thing.

Several Democrats, including Reid, have already come out praising Miers, which ultimately will only fuel the right-wing meltdown on the decision.... But my early sense is that this is already a victory -- both politically and judicially -- for Democrats. In fact, it should be great fun watching conservatives go after Bush. He may actually break that 39-40 floor in the polls, given he's just pissed off the very people who have propped up his failed presidency.
If the Dems criticized Bush for picking an unqualified crony, the people who are now wailing in anguish would feel obligated to defend Miers. So message to Dems: Zip the lips and pass the popcorn.
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