Monday, October 17, 2005


A Hopeful Sign

The main thing keeping the Democrats from capitalizing big-time on the GOP's current tailspin is the fact that so many of them backed Bush on invading Iraq, and have resisted mightily any efforts toward a united Democratic message on Iraq by their simple refusal to face reality and admit that they made a horrific mistake. The Next Hurrah's RonK notes (via Atrios) that former Congressman Dick Gephardt, whose presidential aspirations were doomed precisely because he was the loudest and most powerful Congressional Democratic voice backing up Bush on Iraq, finally swallowed his pride last Monday and said these magic words:

"It was a mistake ... I was wrong."
Goody. Over three years and 120,000-odd lives late, but it's a start. Now with the biggest DemoHawk officially in the "invading was a mistake" corner, that might get some of the other Democrats to fall into line behind a message that runs something like this: "Like all Americans, we trusted President Bush and his people to tell us the truth about Iraq. But our trust was misplaced. We therefore oppose this war and will work to try to undo the massive harm it has done." There you go.

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