Thursday, October 13, 2005


The Implosion Of The NeoCons: The Media's Role?

This passage in Sid Blumenthal's recent takedown of Judy Miller and her fellow PNAC Platoon members hits home for me:

Unlike in Watergate, which was largely advanced by the press, this scandal has unfolded despite much of the press corps' efforts to avoid, demean or restrain the story until very recently. Also unlike in Watergate, major influences in the press have aligned with their sources in the administration, not with the professionals in the government acting as whistle-blowers. (One of Miller's sources, John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, graciously paid her a visit in jail.) For his part, Bob Woodward, who has written two books describing in detail events from the perspective of the Bush administration, supported the White House version of the Niger incident by charging in July 2004 that "there were reasonable grounds to discredit Wilson."
And that made me think of Tim Russert, who is notorious for his fluffing of Bush people in particular and Republicans in general, and how none of Russert's buddies in what used to be the Fourth Estate are willing to mention his connections to TreasonGate. Most interesting.

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