Friday, October 07, 2005


Iran Or Venezuela? Iran Or Venezuela?

Lately, BushCo and his tame Brit parrot, Tony "Poodle Boy" Blair, have been making simultaneous noises about The Urgent Need To Turn Iran Into A Parking Lot. But aside from the fact that this could only be possible if Bush calls for a draft -- and thus ensures that the 2006 elections look a hell of a lot like the 1936 elections -- there is a problem with regard to choice of targets. You see, why go after Iran, when that naughty Hugo Chavez is daring to, you know, help his own people and thwart every BushCo-backed effort to topple him? Worse yet, the latest move by Chavez is a left hook to the jaw of BushCo:

Venezuela has transferred about half of its $30.4bn of foreign reserves out of US Treasuries and US banks into banks in Europe, seemingly for political reasons.
This is happening at a time when the US economy -- and Bush's deficit spending frenzy -- is being propped up by foreign investors. So don't be surprised if Bush chooses to go after Chavez instead of the mullahs.

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