Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The Iraq Wall of Honor

The Vietnam Memorial leads down to a wall filled with the many names of those who fell. Someday, an Iraq War Memorial may be built. If so, I hope it rises up to reveal another wall: a wall with the names of veterans who ran for Congress to evict the corrupt GOP from the people's house and end this wrongful war. So far, the roll of names on the wall in my envisioned monument reads: Patrick Murphy, 82nd Airborne, challenging Mike Fitzpatrick for PA-8 Paul Hackett, running against Sen. Mike DeWine in Ohio. David Ashe, Marine judge advocate general in Iraq, running against Thelma Drake in VA-2 Bryan Lentz, 41, Army reserves major , running against Unification-church sponsored Curt Weldon, as well as Andrew Duck, MD-6 against Roscoe Bartlett, best known as the inventor of the cheesy mustache. There will also be a wall of shame for one man: Texas Republican Van Taylor.
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