Thursday, October 20, 2005


It was a sad day for those who love America

A commission to inquire into war crimes by the Bush Administration was convened with the judicial panel to include a former US Senator, a former UN Assistant Secretary-General, and a former CIA analyst. A Spanish court indicted three GIs for firing on the Palestine Hotel, killing journalists. Human Rights Watch criticized the proceedings against Saddam Hussein as having an "anything goes" atmosphere One of Saddam Hussein's defense lawyers was kidnapped , lending doubts as to whether he can receive a fair trial. A former Indian ambassador has labeled the trial a kangaroo court Guantanamo prisoners, now in their third month of a hunger strike, allege that force feeding is being done in a manner that may constitute torture In the words of Cato author Tim Lynch, the Bush Administration has attacked and demolished the constitutional levee that protects our freedom. A former CIA analyst accused the Bush Administration of conducting a "covert operation" against the American people Our traditional ally, Venezuela, is realigning with the European bloc and probably carrying South America with it. Argentina and Brazil have strong traditional ties to Europe and good reason to be irritated with the US. In a historically unprecedented event, the House Majority Leader has been indicted on felony charges Meanwhile, the most important issue to Rev. Donald WIldmon is boycotting American Girl Dolls because they supposedly promote abortion and lesbianism. No wonder this man is smiling: (Photo by AP) Thank you, Truthout! (Hint, readers: send them a nickel)
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