Saturday, October 22, 2005


James Wolcott as The Scooter Whisperer

Both Josh Marshall and James Walcott -- to name but two in the reality-based community -- have noted that the Bushistas have decided, as we knew they would, that Karl Rove is more important than Scooter Libby, so Scooter's being tossed over the side. Publicly, anyway. Rove may well have tried to cut a deal with Fitzgerald: We'll give you Libby if you leave the rest of us be. Which would, admittedly, be a tempting deal, if you assume that Rove isn't caught as securely in Fitz's nets as is Libby. But what if it winds up going the other way? What if Libby, seeing the extreme peril he's in, and realizing that his friends in the White House have cut him loose, suddenly decides to sing like a canary for Fitzgerald? Oh, what pretty Fitzmas carols he'd sing. As Wolcott points out, Scooter may be going down, but he'll make sure he won't go down alone. The aspens' roots are interconnected, you know. Libby could just as well have been warning Bush and Rove, along with Judy Miller, when he wrote that.

Why do I have this premonition that Scooter's draft notice is in the mail?
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