Saturday, October 22, 2005


The limited hangout. MoDo stakes Miller to the altar and runs.

Shorter MoDo: ** Miller is a haughty hysterical tramp, and a stenographer for con man Chalabi, but one must admire the singlemindedness and picaresque quaintness of her sociopathy. Indulgent management let her run amok, including credulous Washington bureau chief Phil Taubman (he's a friend, at least theoretically, which is why I get to call him Phil). She lied about talking to editor Jill Abramson, about not remembering writing about "Valerie Flame" or who she heard the name from. The prosecutor had to squeeze the admission of her June 23rd meeting with Libby out of her. Liar and whore, she is clearly the most serious threat to freedom that our nation faces. And as far as the virtuous Dowd, she did her very best: she worried that Miller was engaged in "incestuous amplification," known by lesser mortals as propaganda. Dowd admires Keller and Sulzberger (i.e., the people who sign her paycheck) for backing up their reporters. Unfortunately, they were too credulous. Please notice the extraordinary delicacy and literary style with which I have managed to trash a colleague and kiss my boss's... ring** We have seen this before. It's called the limited hangout. Judy is guilty (but picaresque!) and everyone else at The Times is just too d--n trusting. I wonder if it's a coincidence that the White House is doing exactly the same thing with Libby
By George, I think he's got it!
To be completely fair to MoDo:

Even though she didn't actually do anything to stop the trainwreck called Judy Miller, she worried.

Worrying is hard work!
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