Friday, October 07, 2005


Love It, Love It, Love It

Kos points out just how screwed Tom DeLay is. Heheheheheh. If this were just about one man, the Pubbies wouldn't be leaving racing stripes in their underwear right now. But DeLay's the guy with the keys to the bank vaults of Corporate America AND the Christian Right. He's going to bring down a ton of people with him when he finally sings -- as he will, I predict, in order to get better treatment. This is a guy who orders Senators around because he can not only turn off their money spigots, he can make sure that they have well-funded primary opponents. Wanna know why the Republicans in 1998 still moved to try to impeach and convict Clinton, even after the election results showed that America wanted the GOP to Shut The F*** Up Already? Because DeLay made them do so, as detailed above. This is going to be GOOD.

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