Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Media Provide a Bullhorn for Tom DeLay's Bull

DeLay Appeals to Court of Public Opinion

Grand juries in Texas have indicted DeLay on charges of conspiracy and money laundering, forcing him to give up the No. 2 post in the House while the charges are pending. His lawyers have challenged the indictments in court, raising questions about the law and the prosecutor's motive. But their filings in court — which formally accuse prosecutor Ronnie Earle of misconduct — pale in comparison to the verbal barrage DeLay launches every time Earle's name comes up in an interview. DeLay already has made more than 20 radio and TV appearances since the first indictment Sept. 28.
The article does not point out that DeLay is making all these TV appearances by invitation. The minions of the So-Called Unbiased Media are falling all over themselves to give DeLay every opportunity to slander Ronnie Earle. By giving DeLay so much publicity on his own terms, they're also making it that much more difficult to select an impartial jury. Way to be guardians of democracy.
They're also destroying their own credibility.
Of course, DeLay is also simply providing more ammunition for Ronnie Earle. I'm amazed that the lawyers for DeLay haven't shut him up yet. He's doing more damage to himself by continually yapping on the air than by simply being quiet and letting *his lawyers* speak for him.

DeLay lies. He can't help it. And a lot of his public statements since the indictments are going to come back to haunt him in a big way.
"DeLay is also simply providing more ammunition for Ronnie Earle." From your keyboard to God's monitor.

"DeLay lies. He can't help it." That's the defining trait of Republicans these days.
There are Republicans who would deny such, but you seem to be right: lying is a hallmark of the neo-conservative movement.

They can't help it. It's what they do.

Me? I can go a whole day without lying. Today, for example. Not that I'm proud or anything. But Delay? No. Bush? No.

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