Thursday, October 06, 2005


More "strategic" goats and date palms

Ethnic cleansing #4: BAGHDAD, 6 Oct 2005 (IRIN) - Nearly 1,000 families have fled their homes in Haditha in western Iraq following the launch of a US-led military operation to hunt down in insurgents in the town in the Euphrates river valley, according to residents in the area...The offensive in Haditha took the Red Crescent by surprise at a time when most of its resources were deployed trying to help civilians hurt and displaced by the fighting in al-Qaim and an earlier US military operation to gain control of the northern town of Talafar in September. First the strategic town of Fallujah, the strategic town of Tal Afar, the strategic town of Samarra, and now a second go-round at the newly strategic town of Haditha From an AP/Reuters report from July 15th on MSNBC I think "strategic" is the military term for "to-be-bombed"
This reminds me of Vietnam: "Quick, let's bomb something so we can tell the folks at home we're not getting our asses kicked by a bunch of brown people!"

Of course, since Halliburton/Bechtel/Etc. won't let the Iraqis do their own rebuilding, guess who makes the big bucks each time an Iraqi town is leveled to the ground yet again? (And who sells the Pentagon the bombs used for the leveling?)

Damn, BushCo gets 'em comin' and goin'.
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