Saturday, October 15, 2005


The Neo-Stalinists Running BushCo

Atrios and Left I examine the nonsense spewed by Judy Miller. Atrios thinks that she and her editors are brilliantly playing the Sergeant Schultz Defense (the one predicated on the defendant's normally razor-sharp brain suddenly going dull at convenient spots), but Left I believes that Miller was clumsy enough to tell a few provable lies. One thing that's for certain: Miller's definitely zampolit. A political officer whose job it is to ensure that the entity in which she's embedded -- in this case, the NYT -- hews to the BushCo line where it counts. And nowhere has it counted more than in the runup to invading Iraq. Speaking of zampolit: Political Appointees Re-Write Commerce Department Report On Offshore Outsourcing; Original Analysis Is Missing From Final Version

The Commerce Department has responded to a half-year-old request by Manufacturing and Technology News for the release a long-awaited study on the issue of "offshore outsourcing" of IT service-sector jobs and high-tech industries. But the 12-page document represented by the agency as its final report is not what was written by its analysts. Rather, it was crafted by political appointees at Commerce and at the White House, according to those familiar with it. [...] According to those who have tracked the report's whereabouts, it was completed well before the November 2004 presidential election but was delayed for clearance by the White House and the Republican-controlled Congress due to the controversial nature of the subject. Outsourcing had become a contentious campaign issue, particularly in the swing states. After the November election, a draft of the report prepared by a "braintrust" of Technology Administration analysts went into a vetting process among political appointees at the Commerce Department and White House. It never resurfaced. The analysts never received any feedback on their work, which is unusual, say those who have written similar reports.
The Neo-Stalinists running BushCo lie about everything. EVERYTHING.

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