Saturday, October 08, 2005


New Blog Game: Rescue the Pony!

You are reading your daily newspaper and you discover in the middle of the front page a huge mound of horse... um, well, it used to be nice, clean hay. Listening closely, you detect faint whinnies, and you know there's a pony in there somewhere! So, let's play rescue the pony with this Los Angeles Times piece by Gold and Serrano about Harriet Miers and her "non-traditional relationship: The lives of Nathan Hecht and Harriet E. Miers began to intertwine in the early 1970s, shortly after they finished law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Soon, they were rising stars at the same law firm, and their lives seemed to be converging in every way....They are traditional conservatives content in a modern, nontraditional relationship...Romantic at times, the relationship has played an important role in their ascent to power — she as White House counsel, he as a justice of the Texas Supreme Court... While Miers, 60, has holed up in Washington...Hecht, 55, has become her de facto spokesman...."We are good, close friends," he said Friday. "And we have been for all these years. We go to dinner. We go to the movies two or three times a year. We talk. ...We are not dating. We are not seeing each other romantically. Not currently."..Sharon Baird, a friend of Miers...called Miers' life decisions "very European." ... "It's a New Age thing. Much like Oprah. She never married either....Hecht has been linked to Priscilla Owen, the controversial federal appellate judge who is his protege and close friend and recently served on the Texas Supreme Court with him. Miers was engaged briefly in the 1970s to Jim Martin, a law school classmate and, today, a Dallas attorney. They dated for two years..." Older woman helps young man get his first job, then date him. Younger man makes it to the Texas Supreme Court and dates but never marries a potential Supreme Court nominee. Older woman ends up nominated to the US Supreme Court. Neither marry. "New Age"... "Oprah"..."European..." What's the pony in this pile and what are its sexual inclinations? Could that explain the gagging and retching sounds from certain members of the far right-- and not certain others? And why is the LATimes talking about this instead of her obviously cronyism and unfitness for the job, not to mention the unseemliness of a Texas Supreme Court Justice stepping up for an old flame? I think I'll name this pony I have rescued Miss Direction. Added: It's often said that "Great Minds Think Alike." True, but Some Fingers Type Faster, which is why Phoenix Woman wins the award for getting this story onto MercRising firster and bester.
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