Thursday, October 13, 2005


Nobel Committee Dope-Slaps Dubya Again

This year's Nobel Prize for Literature goes to Harold Pinter. Mr. Pinter thoroughly deserves the prize for his literary achievements. It would not have been awarded because he has nothing good to say about George Warmonger Bush. Neither was the Peace Prize awarded to IAEA and Mohammed El Baradei specifically to annoy Bush. But still. I'm thinking that a survey of the Nobel laureates for the last few years won't reveal many Bush supporters among them.

Harold Pinter is certainly a very fine writer. His plays and other works are original and shattering. He defines a serious writer.
The Nobel committee, though, certainly knew the political implications of giving him the prize this year.

It would be hard to think of someone who deserved it more, though.
You're not going to find many Bush supporters among the Nobel winners for the last few years for a variety of reasons.

Scientists understand how hostile the current administration is to their work. Scientists are also know what kind of an impact theocracy would have on their search for knowledge.

Authors and journalists are selected by the international community at large, and since the Bush Administration is one of the globally least popular and most hostile US administrations in recent history, I doubt you'd find many supporters there either.

You're most likely candidates would be among the economists. But not only do they fall into the scientist camp above, they also can see firsthad what kind of impact the rampant cronyism and fake conservative policies have had on the world. I doubt you'd find many Nobel-prize winning economists terribly supportive either.
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