Friday, October 14, 2005


Oil-for-Food Worked. Oil-for-Cronies? Well, It Worked, Too -- To Line BushCo's Pockets

You may be wondering about the eerie silence on the part of Norm Coleman on the alleged "Oil-for-Food scandal" that used to be trumpeted all the time on FOX News. Well, that's probably because even the handpicked Bush cronies of the Volcker Commission weren't able to find any evidence of any of the wrongdoing that Coleman, his Bush Administration puppeteers, or their friends over at FOX kept saying existed. Furthermore, any funds mismanagement of the program paled in comparison to the billions of dollars' worth of illegal oil trades that the Bush Administration effectively condones to this very day. Most importantly, the Volcker Commission showed that, unlike Bush's relief efforts (or lack thereof) with Hurricane Katrina, the UN's Oil-for-Food program did actually relieve the suffering of the Iraqi people, keeping them fed while keeping the sanctions in place that had kept Saddam from attacking his neighbors for over a decade. By the way: It might be a good time to ask why our Republican Congress isn't going to be holding any hearings on the real financial scandals in Iraq: namely, the billions of US taxpayer dollars that were looted under the reign of the Bush cronies that made up the Coalition Provisional Authority that ruled Iraq for the first crucial year after Saddam's overthrow. The security firm Custer Battles -- which was created by defense consultant Scott Custer and FOX News commentator Michael Battles -- is itself accused of stealing $50 million of those billions. Here's the media contact info, for those interested in making a stink about it: National:,,,; National Public Radio: 1-800-989-TALK (8255); MSNBC: 1-888-MSNBC-USA.

It has become almost a mathematical corollary that whenever this Bush administration points a finger outward at alleged wrongdoing, instead the real crimes are to be found when one looks in the direction opposite to that in which they point.

See? Who said that what you had to learn in your highschool math class would never have importance in real life?!
This is, in fact, how the modern Republican Party has operated since at least 1994. (Could be prior to that too, but this was when I REALLY started to notice it).

Any time they accuse someone of something, check out the ones doing the accusing. They're usually projecting thier own sins onto their opponents.
"In one piece, Miller practically dragged Ambassador John Danforth, well-known for his moderate views and comparative affection for the UN, to the witness table. "Pressed by reporters on Monday...Danforth...specifically declined to say he had confidence in Mr. Annan's leadership," wrote Miller on December 1 In comparison, the Washington Post's UN correspondent, Colum Lynch, also quoted Danforth but left out the "declines to support" formulation, even though Lynch was presumably one of the "reporters" who, Miller claimed, were pressing Danforth."

Maybe he "declined" to be quoted because he knows what a fraud Judith Miller is. Judith projects her flaws onto other programmes...

Great post. If you want to get some background on the missing billions, you can start with the Waxman report. Here's a link to the 26-page PDF:

GREAT READING. Shows there absolutely should be a real investigation, but Waxman did pretty well with limited tools.
Anonymous, it took me a while, but I downloaded the Waxman report, and it is indeed very good.

Thanks for this recommendation.
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