Monday, October 03, 2005


Pass The Popcorn!

Tom DeLay is facing a NEW Grand Jury -- and a brand-new indictment: Money laundering. Heheheheheheh. Money laundering leads inevitably to Jack Abramoff. Heheheheheheheh. Bear this in mind: The first grand jury foreman, William M. Gibson, is a 76-year-old former deputy sheriff and state insurance investigator who's been around some sort of law enforcement most of his adult life. Not the sort of person to go off half-cocked, but not the sort to back down from a fight, either. He stated flat-out earlier this week that they had DeLay nailed but good. One of my DC friends says the word on the street is "they've got the paper". Meaning that by this time next year, Hot Tub Tom will be wearing an orange jumpsuit. For the next few years. Pass the popcorn!

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