Monday, October 03, 2005


A Prediction

Before the day is out, Miers will be deep-sixed and a new name will be put up for the O'Connor slot on the SCOTUS. Why? The excuse will be because Miers has in the distant past donated a few thousand backs to Democrats. (Of course, in the more recent past, she's donated even more thousands to Republicans. But that's not good enough.) But actually, my feeling is that she's a head-fake; Bush picked her because he knows she'll get shouted down by his base, then he'll drop her and nominate Alberto Gonzales instead. (UPDATE: Now we find out that she's unmarried. In other words, the right wingers will go after her for being a "moderate" in the David Dreier closet-case mold.) (10/05/05 UPDATE: So much for my prediction! Well, she's made it so far, and I can't imagine even Karl Rove playing out a head-fake for this long. Bush is simply being a stubborn cuss who wants some extra anti-impeachment insurance (besides Dick Cheney, of course). It's fun to watch the cons tear themselves to bits over her.)

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