Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Republicans Rehearse Next Election Theft

GOP to monitor mayoral voting in SE Michigan

Michigan Republicans will renew a controversy from the 2004 election when they send poll challengers to the Detroit and Ecorse mayoral elections Nov. 8 in what GOP officials say is a training exercise for next year's statewide elections. Democrats called it an attempt to intimidate black voters and said they'll watch the GOP poll watchers. ... State Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer called the GOP poll watch another attempt to intimidate African-American voters and prevent some from voting.... Brewer said Democratic lawyers would be deployed in Detroit during the Nov. 8 election to monitor the challengers.
At least Michigan's Democratic Party seems to have a clue that the Republicans are always up to no good. But then, they've had opportunities to learn that lesson. In the 2002 primary, eight "Democratic" challengers were found out to have been recruited by the Republicans to run against Democratic incumbents in the primary to make the incumbents use up their campaign funds before the general election, and the Secretary of State threw them off the ballot. According to the Republicans, however, it's only the voters who commit election fraud.
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